how to: study abroad

everyone has a bit of a rough start when moving to a place one has never lived. maybe you don’t know anyone in your new place? maybe you struggle with homesickness? maybe you hate your new room mates? everyone is dealing with different issues when coming to university and here are some tips to make it all easier.

a bit about me; i study business management at the university of liverpool. i am in my first year. i live by myself in the city centre of liverpool.

in my first few weeks of studying here, i visited all the famous attractions around, so it would feel more like my city. it is so much fun exploring a new city, and you should take some time and try to settle a bit.

the first problem tends to be making friends. when i first moved to liverpool, i didn’t know anyone. so here is what i did:
– i researched the different societies that the university had to offer and found a few i liked and joined them.
– i joined a sport which i liked.
– i attended a lot of events arranged by the university.
– i re-opened my couchsurfing account (they often have weekly meetings, where you can meet people from all over the world)
– i said yes to almost everything i was invited to.
remember that most people are in the same situation as you are, this will make it all easier when it comes to making new friends.

what you should also remember, is to study the culture of the country you decide to go to, as this will help you adapt when you finally arrive. people will treat you nicer and the everyday things go much more smoothly.

but what if you don’t like the people you live with? remember that it is only for a short time, but if it gets too bad, do something about it. don’t be afraid to seek help from others. it can be people at home, employees at the university, other professionals or friends. remember that you can’t always handle everything on your own.

a great thing to do if you are homesick, is to invite your friends and family to come visit you. they will probably bring you some treats and you will feel a bit better. this also gives you an excellent reason to explore the city even further!

personally, i found this video quite funny, but they have a few decent tips:

when it comes to studying abroad, i think it is something everyone should do, even if it is just for one semester. it is a great experience, and you will learn so much about yourself and the country you choose to study in.

have you studied abroad? where & what was your experience like?