tips on saving money before christmas

it is getting close to christmas, and you probably plan to spend tons of money on gifts for all your friends and family. but when you realize how little you actually have to spend, you need to come up with a great plan to fix this. here are some tips for saving money:

do you have spotify or another streaming program? well, end your subscription. the library has tons of CDs, all for you to borrow. i do this myself, i go to the library every day and borrow a certain amount of CDs which i save in my music library. this also is great for putting on your ipod. this is also a great way of going to the library and actually staying to read a bit, cause if i am at a library, i do feel that i have to study, at least for a while. and why stream music? streaming tends to never work on trains anyway.

do you collect anything? well, if it is valuable you could trim off your collection. everyone has duplicates of something, and they never use them, so go a head. SELL SELL SELL. i certainly know a few things i could sell out of my collections. luckily those things are at my parents.

do you shop at stores? sign up for their reward program. (a good idea is to create a separate e-mail address for this, because you’ll receive tons of spam.)

do you like making things? this is like the oldest trick in the book. people do enjoy homemade gifts, often more than new things. so start cooking, painting, drawing or whatever you’re the best at.

do you have a lot of stuff? this trick seems kind of rude, but i personally am a huge fan of it. do you have a book you’ve read or a movie you’ve seen that you don’t need anymore, give that away as a gift. people like to get things they know their friends/family likes.

do you like books? well, join this site, where you can swap books for free.

after you’ve done all of that, you’ll feel like this:
Skjermbilde 2014-11-26 kl. 22.11.01

i could give you more tips, like: make a shopping list and stick to it, repair your clothes instead of buying new ones and cut up your credit cards, but we all know that those things and they often don’t work.

how do you save money?


about: chess

i wouldn’t say i’m good at chess, or that i play it very often. i do have it on my phone and play when it when i have time. i follow the tournaments when i can, luckily i work with sports (chess is a sport!) so i tend to be up to date. i almost got a job as a chess instructor once, but that is different story. but, what i would like to focus on is why i like chess and why i follow it.

it started a few years ago, me and some friends played chess at we played mostly for fun, but i realized chess is quite a big sport in quite a few countries, so i started to do a bit of research, i of course fell immediately for magnus carlsen. not because i think he is extremely handsome, but because i really envied his talent for chess. i also love his modesty is this interview when he eighteen: (he still has that modesty, which is really good)

but the main reason i wanted to write this post, is that i discovered this and i am TOO excited:

so some reasons why i follow chess:
– two games are never ever alike!
– as a chess player you develop over time and it is fun to see your ranking go up (or down).
– you can play short games or long games all dependent on how much time you have on your hands.
– learning more about weird chess players, like bobby fischer and aron nimzowitsch.
– i already gave you the best reason, magnus carlsen.