travel: oslo

still i am not sure if i really like oslo. i’ve lived there for three years, and i have quite the ambivalent relationship to norway’s capitol. it is either too small or just too filled up with people unlike me. oslo has a lot of nice places, like telthusbakken and rodeløkka. i must say i fancy by:larm and øyafestivalen, but living there all year around is just not for me.  but i love watching films from oslo, and this is a scene from one of my favourite ones:

yesterday i came back from what was my first trip to oslo since i moved away from it all.

i can describe it in five words:

i will recommend you five things to see while in oslo:
– oslo town hall: go inside, it is free and it looks great.
– edvards coffebar: they have the best coffee and brown cheese-sandwiches in town.
– united bakeries: you’ll get free butter and jam if you buy rolls there.
– buy your own beer: sit in any park and drink it, for example frognerparken (this works best in the summer).
– josefine: it’s got everything; music, comedy, alcohol and food.

oslo has a lot of things to do for tourists, and those are my favourites since i don’t live there anymore.  i had a great weekend visiting my friends.  i was on even on national radio, on the show ruben at p3.

have you ever been to oslo? do you like it? why, why not?