red hot 100

a few days ago i got a book by post, made by the fantastic thomas knights. i have been loving his work since the beginning of the year when he started the red hot-project (you can see my post about going to the exhibit further down). i have bought the calendars and contributed fairly to the project, because it is so amazing. all my friends know that i love red heads, so they weren’t surprised when i bought this.

Skjermbilde 2014-11-14 kl. 01.29.40

thomas knights himself says this about the project:
guys with red hair don’t have the positive role models that girls do in our culture.  male with red hair is not seen as aspirational, culturally speaking, with very few leading men, heroes, action stars or heartthrobs played by men with red hair in hollywood or on our TV screens. also the more laddish culture of banter – that maybe is not so prevalent in female friendship circles – creates a fear of speaking out based on the concept of ‘it was just a joke’. while many people may argue calling someone a ‘ginga’ or any other ‘fun’ words for people with red hair is just witty banter, for some of those on the receiving end, the impact to their self esteem is felt much more deeply and can have lasting, detrimental effects at school and way into their adult life. red Hot is my response to this.

i really like his approach and i also LOVE the book. i’ve been reading and mostly looking at all the fantastic red haired men in this books for hours. i wish that i came up with this idea!

these are some of my favourites from the book:
Skjermbilde 2014-11-14 kl. 01.29.29

Skjermbilde 2014-11-14 kl. 01.39.48
Skjermbilde 2014-11-14 kl. 01.39.57
Skjermbilde 2014-11-14 kl. 01.40.04

i think you all should read more about it at this website.

how do you feel about people with red hair and what is your favourite hair colour?


about: JH engström

as a photographer you’ll have to find inspiration in other artists. i tend to find it in musicians and photography. i will now introduce you to one of my favourite photographers, the swedish JH engström.

i will give you five reasons he inspires me:

1. he is too personal when it comes to his pictures. which i find interesting, because not too many photographers want to be as personal as JH engström is. (sadly i couldn’t find my favourite picture example of being too personal, so i am posting another favourite of mine instead):


2. he uses himself as a model:


3. his still-lifes make me want to travel to where the photo was taken:


4. his use of colours are mainly what i love the most:
ENGSTROM2, sans titre de la série tout va bien

5. and of course his choice of motifs are sometimes really disgusting (i am not talking about this one, but if you do a google search, you will know what i mean), but i just love what he takes pictures of, i feel ambivalent looking at some of the pictures, but i mostly feel like i want to explore this career more:


so if you like JH engström i would recommend you to take a look at his trying to dance portfolio from 2004. if you’re lucky enough to have the money to buy one, i envy you. cause i definitely have not.

what artist inspires you most nowadays and why?