music: king krule

since i first heard king krule under the name zoo kid i’ve been hooked. i love almost everything about archy marshall. he is young, talented and he delivers live. when me and robert saw him live in manchester in october i couldn’t have asked for anything different (except for maybe a different encore song). he raps, he dances, he plays guitar and even if he has a really non-attractive accent when speaking, it doesn’t matter, his music is great.

Skjermbilde 2013-12-26 kl. 22.04.09

photo: joost vandebrug

his voice deserves an own chapter, cause you would never expect a voice that deep to come from a 19-year old boy. which makes the music greater and even more powerful. i’m not gonna try to describe it any further, it deserves a listen of it’s own.

it is hard to specify what kind of music he squeezes out from his guitar, but a mix of everything good, like punk jazz and trip hop would maybe begin to try and describe it. with that i’m gonna leave you with my favourite track from the album, which is a lizard state.

6 feet beneath the moon is definitely my most listened to album of 2013.

what is your most listened to album of 2013 and why?