book-away 2


i recently read this fantastic book, called daily rituals, written by mason curry. this book is about things like how a novel is written, how a masterpiece is painted and how a symphony is composed. they explain the daily routines of interesting people like albert einstein, jackson pollock, george orwell and david lynch.

once i started reading the book i couldn’t put it away. it is a book filled with inspiration and weird facts about people that have achieved big things.

this is probably one of my favourite rituals:
– george gershwin used to compose in his pyjamas and bathrobe.

i love the thought of seeing him sitting there composing! well, now this book can be yours. all you need to do is comment with your mail address, and at the end of the week i will randomly select a winner!

what is your most important daily ritual?



i live in england. and i buy a lot of books from norway. i get gifted books and i buy them at my local charity shops. i read them and then i do nothing about them. they just pile up. so this year i was thinking that i was going to do a book-away. i have already started, by re-gifting books that suit my friends and family. i think it is a great idea.

the rules are simple:
– whenever i buy a¬†book i have to give it away when i’ve read it.
– leave a comment with your e-mail adress if you would like to enter this book-away.
– if you’ve won the book-away, i’ll send you an e-mail a week after the post has been posted on my website to confirm your address.
– you’ll receive the book i’ve read in the shape/form that i bought it and used it.

this makes my life more simple, i can do a good deed and people can get to read more books for free.

Skjermbilde 2014-01-26 kl. 22.54.46

so the first book i will be giving away in this book-away is the book: we need to talk about kevin. i’ve just started reading this and i think this is an absolutely fantastic book in terms of mother/son relationships. so if you would like to win this book, pop me a comment with your favourite book of 2013.