giveaway: egersund fayance bowl

this month i am giving away this beautiful bowl. i do not have a lot of information about this bowl. all i know is that it is amazingly beautiful and that it is from egersund fayance factory. the stamp tells me that it is been made between 1963-1969. it is very 60s and it would go well with various different styles.

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what it is like to be a female football fan

i know a lot of people don’t like football. this goes for both women and men. i have lost almost all of my female followers on twitter, because of my football tweets. being into sports, and especially football makes people react in different ways. in this post, i will tell you about my experience.

the people who know me, know what i really love football. i can rarely have a conversation without mentioning my favourite football club, the magnificent stoke city. when i meet new people, both female and male, they tend to question my interest with a few different questions and sayings.

“so is stoke city your dads favourite team as well?”
no, stoke city isn’t my dads favourite team. he stopped watching football a long time ago. now he only follows stoke city’s results, so he can bully me if we loose.

“your boyfriend must be really into football then?”
i don’t even think my boyfriend knows the rules of football. he is certainly not a supporter of any kind of team.

“where is your boyfriend, love?”
i attend a lot of games alone, both home and away. i don’t mind going by myself, as i always have fun. except for when people sitting next to me etc. ask me where my boyfriend is. i came here by myself, and i am here to watch the game. don’t bother me!

“you know a lot about football. for a girl”
this is the most used phrase, and it annoys me. i don’t know everything about football, but i would say i know a fair amount. why can’t people just say: “you know a lot about football”? i also experience being underestimated and left out of the conversation, because “girls don’t understand the passion and the game”.

there are a lot of guides for men on the internet, on “how to get your girl interested in sports?” these are often written by women, and they explain that you’ll have to bribe a woman for her to watch sports and that a lot of women don’t even know the rules to sports. seeing articles like that makes me really angry, cause it supports the thought of women not being able to be interested in sports unless a man she is close to is.

my question is, why can’t female football fans, be just football fans?

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review: outrageous orange hair colour

i went to glasgow with my best friend siri about three weeks ago. we were walking around boots when i saw a non-permanent hair colour called outrageous orange on sale. as i have always dreamt of having red hair, i decided to try it. it only cost 2 pounds, so i thought: “why not?”

i did read some reviews before i tried it, they mostly said that the colour was a bit much and they would only use it on special occasions. i was very nervous when siri started to put it in my hair, because the paste was yellow and a bit weird. when i washed it out i was quite excited, and since i have never coloured my hair before, it felt very different seeing oneself with such a different hair colour.

when my hair was dry i realized we need more colour, as some bits of my hair were still blonde. we had a second go and the hair looked quite good.

cons using this products:
– depending on your hair-type it might stay in longer than you want it to. my original hair is quite blonde, so therefore
– if you have shoulder-length hair or longer you have to purchase two of the packages, because one won’t be enough to cover all of your hair.
– you don’t really know how long it is going to stay in, and how it may affect your hair later on.

pros using this products:
– you don’t have to worry about mixing as it is already mixed.
– it is easy to apply and everything you need comes in the box
– you’ll get a quite bright orange colour in your hair, which i think looks quite good.

on the packaging it said that the colour would last from 6 to 8 washes, it has been three weeks, so obviously have i washed my hair more than that, but it doesn’t seem to go out that fast. i think that is because my hair colour is a very light blonde.

i would recommend this product to others who want to try out something different. it has a decent price and a good finish.

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have you coloured your hair before? what colour?


how to: study abroad

everyone has a bit of a rough start when moving to a place one has never lived. maybe you don’t know anyone in your new place? maybe you struggle with homesickness? maybe you hate your new room mates? everyone is dealing with different issues when coming to university and here are some tips to make it all easier.

a bit about me; i study business management at the university of liverpool. i am in my first year. i live by myself in the city centre of liverpool.

in my first few weeks of studying here, i visited all the famous attractions around, so it would feel more like my city. it is so much fun exploring a new city, and you should take some time and try to settle a bit.

the first problem tends to be making friends. when i first moved to liverpool, i didn’t know anyone. so here is what i did:
– i researched the different societies that the university had to offer and found a few i liked and joined them.
– i joined a sport which i liked.
– i attended a lot of events arranged by the university.
– i re-opened my couchsurfing account (they often have weekly meetings, where you can meet people from all over the world)
– i said yes to almost everything i was invited to.
remember that most people are in the same situation as you are, this will make it all easier when it comes to making new friends.

what you should also remember, is to study the culture of the country you decide to go to, as this will help you adapt when you finally arrive. people will treat you nicer and the everyday things go much more smoothly.

but what if you don’t like the people you live with? remember that it is only for a short time, but if it gets too bad, do something about it. don’t be afraid to seek help from others. it can be people at home, employees at the university, other professionals or friends. remember that you can’t always handle everything on your own.

a great thing to do if you are homesick, is to invite your friends and family to come visit you. they will probably bring you some treats and you will feel a bit better. this also gives you an excellent reason to explore the city even further!

personally, i found this video quite funny, but they have a few decent tips:

when it comes to studying abroad, i think it is something everyone should do, even if it is just for one semester. it is a great experience, and you will learn so much about yourself and the country you choose to study in.

have you studied abroad? where & what was your experience like?


what it’s like having epilepsy

disclaimer: this is my experience, and my experience only with having epilepsy. this is an illness that affects everyone differently, and i am just telling my story.

epilepsy can develop in any person at any age, myself had my first seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy when i was 16. almost 1% of the entire population will develop epilepsy during their lifetime. that means approximately 60 million people worldwide.

my seizures:  i have generalized tonic-clonic epilepsy, this means i’ll get the seizure people think about when they think about epilepsy. this seizure involves the entire body, and it is called grand mal seizure. i tend to lose consciousness, so i fall down wherever i am, then i’ll start shaking and moving around, all muscles are being used, so i am really tense. after about three minutes of shaking and having cramps i’ll go into a deep sleep. this is because my body has used up all it’s energy. when being hospitalized after a seizure, and the medical staff have taken my blood sugar levels, they have been so low that you can’t read them. after the deep sleep (lasts about 20 minutes) i’ll wake up having amnesia and being confused. i am also exhausted and i can not speak very well (i had a seizure at work last year, in an english speaking business, and i had forgotten how to speak english, which made it quite hard). i have the worst migraine i have ever experience, head hurting so much all you want to do is vomit. after a seizure all i want to do i sleep.

you might have a seizure once in your life, provoked by illness or drug use, but you’ll only be diagnosed with epilepsy when you have two or more unprovoked seizures. i had my first grand mal seizure in january 2007, i woke up at the hospital with memory loss and a heavy migraine. my doctor said that i might be suffering from epilepsy, but that he could not know for sure until i had my second seizure. after four months, it came and in april 2007 i was diagnosed with epilepsy. that was the start of a long journey with tests, trying to find medication and mostly being tired.

in the eight years of having epilepsy, i have tried five different medications for treating it, all of them have helped me not having a lot of seizures, but they have all had side effects. those include not being able to concentrate, being so tired you can not focus, having no energy at all, gaining weight, stuttering, depression and being more forgetful. since epilepsy is a neurological illness, the medication will effect your brain in certain ways which in my experience is almost never positive. i am currently trying to get my doctor to agree with me when it comes to quitting my current medication (fycompa), as i would prefer to have a seizure now and then, instead of all the side effects.

the problem with me and my epilepsy is that i know very little about the situations i have been in where i have been suffering from a seizure. i only know what people around me tell me, and since they are mostly strangers, i feel people are scared to speak about it, they do not share a lot of information with me or the others around them. i have no recollection of what has happened, and would really want to know. i have had seizures in a lot of public places, ending up with me waking up at the hospital not knowing what has happened. this is a very strange feeling that would probably be helped if i had known what had gone on.

so, how do you help someone who is having a seizure?
some people who have epilepsy have a card in their wallet with information about their seizures or a necklace with the epilepsy-symbol on it. i used to wear the necklace, but it had no effect, as nobody recognized the symbol. there are some steps helping a person who is having a seizure:
1. keep calm
2. time the seizure (if a seizure lasts longer than 5 minutes, you should call the ambulance)
3. protect the persons head
4. DO NOT put anything in their mouths (they used to do this, cause they thought it helped stop the seizures)

this is the epilepsy symbol:

i am quite lucky when it comes to epilepsy, as i rarely get seizures and it does not really affect my daily life (except for taking medications), but the risk of having a seizure is always there, so i have to take pre-cautions. i am not allowed to drive, bathe or do any sort of extreme sport. the only thing i tend to do is shower in the evening, so i am not at risk having a seizure in the shower (it has happened before).

but there are other types of epilepsy, and some get seizures several times a day. there are lots of ways to treat epilepsy, like with a ketogen diet, planning everything you do, having an operation or taking medications.

a myth about epilepsy is that everyone reacts to blinking lights, this isn’t true. most people with epilepsy do not know what triggers their seizures. i sadly do not know what triggers mine.

i hope you all learned a bit about epilepsy, and you might also enjoy this list, listing the famous people who suffered or is still suffering with epilepsy.

how would you react to someone having a seizure?


ps: there are lots of videos about this on youtube, here you can also see people having seizures and learn more about different types of epilepsy. i would also recommend reading here (if you know norwegian) and here (if you know english).

review: mane’n tail

well, i never thought i would write a shampoo & conditioner review. but here goes.

teachers and media experts i have met, have tended to say that they never read reviews about products, because people only talk about products they have had a negative experience with. i will try to change that, because some things deserve positive attention.

mane’n tale say on their website that they are a horse to human crossover shampoo, which will help you to maintain fuller, stronger, longer and healthier-looking hair. some users have also reported of getting longer hair while using this product. the reason people are skeptical is because it is both for animal and human-use. i on the other hand, was really excited when i saw it in the shop.

Skjermbilde 2015-04-28 kl. 23.45.02

i bought the original shampoo & original conditioner at a local hair stylist shop, because i had heard someone say you’d get longer hair from it. the bottles consist of 750 ml and they were £9.00 a bottle, which i consider quite a bargain as i have been using this shampoo for over two months and i haven’t even gotten close to being half-way through.

as i am “blessed” with quite thin hair, my biggest struggle is that my hair gets greasy really fast. before starting with mane’n tale i had to wash my hair every single day. but the positive effect which i didn’t think would come from this shampoo, was i can now wait three days in-between washing my hair. HOORAY FOR NOT SHOWERING.

cons using this products:
– it is not great for people who colour their hair a lot.
– you kind of have to use the conditioner every time, as the shampoo alone makes your hair feel a bit weird.
– some of my friends have reported that they find it itchy.

pros using this product are therefore:
– you wash your hair less, so your hair gets less damage.
– you don’t have to spend a lot of money on washing and maintaining your hair.
– it smells really nice.

other great effects include fuller and healthier-looking hair. i am pretty sure i will never change my shampoo and conditioner. time will show if it actually helps my hair grow faster. i do think that since my hair is so much healthier now than it was before, it will contribute to making my hair grow faster. hence why i will continue to use it.

if you want to try it out, you can buy it here from their website, buy it when you are abroad or check if a local hairdresser could buy it for you.

what is your tip for growing your hair longer?