what to watch: i wanna marry harry

i’ve always had a dream to marry prince harry. not because he is a prince, but because he is unbelievably handsome, and because we totally have soooo much in common, like that we both live in britain (or at least i think he does?). in these world cup times, you can never get enough of hot english men (like wayne rooney), so here is some qualities prince harry has:

– he can play the tambourine.
– he looks good in a uniform.
– he has red hair.
– he is interested in botany.
– he is the patron of 12 charities.
– he loves partying.

but, the reason i am mentioning all his amazing qualities is that some american people, and a guy called man called matt hicks (who does look much like prince harry), decided to make a show, where 12 girls are fooled into believing they’re dating prince harry. do the girls only want the fame and fortune? or would they want to date a red head? you have to watch the show to tell!

and to be fair, it is surprisingly entertaining.