travelogue: sheffield united vs rotherham

after 4 whole days of working and traveling to football every day i could feel that it if i was going to do this every day, i would burn out pretty fast. working 8 hours a day, then traveling 2-4 hours a day for watching football, will drain a lot of energy of you and fast. but i was ready for this meet-up:

Skjermbilde 2014-04-27 kl. 23.44.06 vsSkjermbilde 2014-04-27 kl. 23.44.28

i was excited for going to see sheffield united, cause i’ve heard that they have great supporters, and also that the stadium is pretty old school english. when i arrived in sheffield i was a bit early, so i managed to walk to the stadium, and that was about a 20 minute walk. i always prefer walking, because this gives me some view of the local area and the attractions around. sheffield was perfect for walking, but the city was full of police men on horses. i am used to police men at football games, but i’ve never seen so many for such a small game. this might have had to do with the fact that this was a local rivalry game. already when i was five minutes away from the stadium i could hear people yelling and cheering for their team (and shouting really rude banter). sheffield were excited for wembley and rotherham tried their best to scream back at them.

i was on the right track, i could feel it and even see it:

Skjermbilde 2014-04-27 kl. 23.46.49

when i came to the stadium i got a seat behind a teenager full of rage. he was angry that i sat behind him i think, cause that meant he couldn’t stand up during the game and scream and curse. but it was a fun experience just to watch him, as well as the game.

this was my view at bramall lane:

Skjermbilde 2014-04-27 kl. 23.49.15

when half time came i reviewed the facilities:
1. food selection was not that amazing. mostly pies, which i almost find in every stadium, but i never try them. i haven’t got the taste for them just yet, i guess.
2. bathrooms were really cold, i think i’ve never been to such a cold bathroom!
3. admission was expensive, i think for a game of it’s size.
4. alcohol was easy to get, but not really cheap.
5. the programme was fun and entertaining, i would love to read more!

the game ended 1-0. i will not write a match report, you can read it here. but i’ve noticed that i have quite a good statistic for the home team to win, so if you want your team to win, you should invite me to a football game.

they also sing this fantastic greasy chip butty song, at every game:

it didn’t seem like sheffield united focused that much on this game, they had their eyes on the fa-cup semi-final. which i was gonna visit later that week.


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