travelogue: tottenham vs sunderland

the weekend was over, and monday cause, everyone loves mondays, and especially when you’re gonna watch:

Skjermbilde 2014-04-16 kl. 00.28.07 vs Skjermbilde 2014-04-16 kl. 00.30.50

after the match the day before, it felt a bit weird to go to white heart lane. but after a day at work, i got a taxi down to the train station for the 1 1/2 hour train ride to london. someone at the train had taken my reserved seat, but i kindly asked them to move and she and her friend spent the whole train ride looking at me and laughing, which was not polite. but i tried to get pumped and ready for the match i was going to by thinking of something nice, so…

i thought about tottenham and what i do know about them:
– one of the hottest players in football history, garth bale, used to play for them.
and that is about all i could think off…

i got down to london euston and pulled out my oyster card. it is a card that always comes in handy when in london. so tip: GET ONE! you might never have to queue again. i went on the victoria line to seven sisters and started looking for a way to go. there was so no signs. so london, get your signing together! i asked some locals and they told me to get on the bus, and that might be the best thing i did that night, cause white heart lane was pretty far away from the seven sisters, and i was pretty late.

Skjermbilde 2014-04-16 kl. 00.23.43

i got to white heart lane, picked up my ticket, asked the hosts where i was supposed to go, but no one knew. apparently they never heard of block 38. this made me 10 minutes late to the actual game, which made me quite upset. since i was already late, i just sat in a random seat, which the hosts inside of the arena didn’t like. they yelled at me and asked me to see my ticket. i moved to my actual seat, which turned out to be in front of a spanish dad and his 2 year old son. the father wanted to speak to his son in spanish and the son wanted to kick the back of my seat through the entire game. so, you can say that it was a bit annoying.

Skjermbilde 2014-04-16 kl. 00.23.54

i was really happy when half time came, cause then i could get some food and also check out the facilites:
1. food was really good, hot dogs i give two thumbs up.
2. bathrooms were okay, might ask for some more womens bathrooms. 
3. admission prices were very expensive. this is one of the most expensive game i’ve been to so far, with 37 pounds for one of the cheapest tickets.
4. alcohol is almost impossible to get at half time almost anywhere, but the prices here were reasonable, it depends what you’re getting.
5. i sadly didn’t get a programme, cause i couldn’t find a seller cause it was pouring outside when i came to the stadium.

the match was full of goals. it ended 5-1. a full match report, you can read here. and after leaving i spoke to some sunderland fans on the train. they were quite upset, some of them even ready for relegation. me, i wasn’t ready for the 2 and a half hour slow train ride back to stoke-on-trent.


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