travelogue: blackburn rovers vs ipswich town

after running to the train station from wigan, cause this game was on the same saturday. i was ready for another game at ewood park. this time i would have shorter time to make it to the stadium, but i went to the station mill hill, instead of blackburn, which is a tip, cause then it is shorter to walk. the stadium was placed in what i find to be a weird place, in between a mc donalds and tons of houses!?! but after finding the ticket office, and getting my ticket i was ready for:

Image  vs  Image

what i can say, is that i do not know a lot about ipswich town. but what i do know, is that blackburn rovers have had quite a lot of norwegians playing for them over the years, to mention some:
– henning berg.
– stig inge bjørnebye (heia start!)
– martin andresen.
and last but not least, morten gamst pedersen, who some might say is the one who has made the biggest career outside of football, by doing this commercial (sorry, no subtitles, but it is still enjoyable):

when half time came i checked out the facilities. the ground itself is quite nice, the supporter shop is impressive (i went there after the match to buy a programme). admission price was reasonable, i would expect a greater atmosphere for £20, but that depends on the match you go to, i guess. the food (or should i say hot dogs?) was not that great, but i guess if you like pies, this is the stadium for you to travel to.

a lonely ipswich player:


if you want a match report, you will find one here. the atmosphere wasn’t as great as i’d expected it to be. i was even surprised as to how few ipswich supporters had shown up. there should have been more. where i was sitting i didn’t have the best view, cause of some poles, which also made the match less good.

you can see the view that i had over ewood park in this really short clip:
(which might help you to understand my frustration over the poles)

to prove the atmosphere isn’t the greatest here, half of the people at this match even left 15 minutes before the game ended, even though the home team was winning.

the match ended 2-0.


have you ever been to ewood park?


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