travelogue: wigan athletic vs leeds.

so i woke up pretty early on saturday, i had to prepare for my first trip this day, which was going to wigan and DW stadium. the match started at 12.15. i was really excited for this game, cause wigan is doing quite good, they’re in the FA cup semi-final and i’ve heard leeds supporters are known to be quite good.

i walked down to stoke train station to take the train to wigan. this took about one and a half hour. when i arrived, i didn’t know what to expect, cause what i heard is that wigan is the only team who’ve re-written a song specially for the FA cup SEMI FINAL. just sit down, relax, and enjoy:

but when i walked out of my train, wigan was actually nicer than i expected it to be. and walking to the stadium, was really, really easy. about 20 minutes from the train station, i just followed the excited leeds supporters.

and this is how the stadium looked in the horizon:

Skjermbilde 2014-04-10 kl. 23.37.07

the match was really exciting. if you want a match report, go here. i was excited to see jack butland (as he is on a loan to leeds from stoke city). and the leeds supporters were not quiet for a minute. they even brought flares, which were thrown on the pitch during the game. here is a short clip of the leeds fans, can you spot the flares?

at half-time i checked out the facilities. they have really good hot dogs here! so if you’re a fan of hot dogs, eat one and you would want to come back, just for them. i also had a lot of fun reading the programme. especially the children’s section who say the best thing about the latics is that they’re FA CUP champions.

this was the view from my seat:

Skjermbilde 2014-04-10 kl. 23.37.32

the match ended 1-0.

so good luck wigan against arsenal this saturday! you’ll (probably) need it. i am excited to see the result. who do you think will win the FA cup?


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