travelogue: leicester city vs sheffield wednesday.

so, living in stoke-on-trent isn’t that bad everyone. you have short travel distance to so many stadiums, and king power stadium is one of them. and here the journey for project: groundhopping begins. i started out with jumping in a taxi after work. then i jumped on the train to the first station, which was nuneaton. after sitting down on my reserved seat, i started thinking about what i really knew about leicester as a club  and i came to the conclusion that i knew at least three things:

1. they’re called the foxes.
Skjermbilde 2014-04-08 kl. 23.56.53
2. if nothing drastic happens, they’re going to play in the premier league next year.
3. they have the best keeper in the championship (and he is also really attractive) called kasper schmeicel, who also plays for denmark.

look at that man…

i also thought about what i know about sheffield wednesday, which i figured out was this:

1. they’re called the owls.
Skjermbilde 2014-04-08 kl. 23.53.14
2. that they’re the only club (i think) which is named after a day.
why? i am guessing it is because that is game day.
3. that the arctic monkeys support them.

after thinking of all this, i had to change trains and jump on the train to leicester. so time was passing by quickly.

when i came to leicester, i was a bit late to follow to blue dressed supporters. and because of poor planning, i didn’t know where to go to get to king power stadium, but luckily, there was signs all the way. since i’ve planned to spend as little money possible during this project, i have to walk to most stadiums, and i got to see some of the city walking this time. after walking for about 20 minutes, i came to the stadium, it was hard to figure out where to pick up my tickets, cause there was 3 (!) places you could go to pick up tickets! after finally getting my reserved ticket and getting in the stadium i was amazed. could i be any closer to kasper schmeicel? after getting suspicious looks from the guy sitting on the row behind me i was happy. i was finally there. relaxed and happy. football could start.

as far as i was concerned it didn’t really matter that there was no one commentating on the match, cause the same guy who had given me suspicious looks earlier did a proper good job, he was saying dirty words and commentating like he was making a living of it.

when half time came, it was time to check out the facilities. i was surprised (in a good way) that they served singha, but i shouldn’t have been, since it is one of leicester’s sponsors. i didn’t have enough cash to buy one of them delicious hot dogs, and i wish i had. cause they were quite tempting. i bought the programme before the match started, and for what i payed, which was three pounds, you get a lot for your money. ticket prices were not that bad either. prices (like on most stadiums) depends on your age.

i will not write a match report, but i loved seeing leicester vs sheffield wednesday as my first championship game. it was definitely a good choice. if you didn’t already know, it ended 2-1. i will certainly come back here for a premier league game, cause leicester is a beautiful city.

here are some highlights of the game:

on the train home to stoke-on-trent i knew that this was a good start of a project. i also started to prepare for what was going to happen the day after. wigan vs leeds and blackburn vs ipswich town.


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