Project: Groundhopping


So, I’ve just come home from my 1st out of 25 matches in 5 weeks. I’m a bit tired, but it was definitely a good experience. (I’ll write a travelogue tomorrow when I come home from the two other games I’ve planned).

I want to tell you a bit about my project:

I’ve always been fascinated by football, and when I moved to Stoke-on-Trent the possibility for doing a project like this arose. So, I am planning to visit 25 different stadiums in the shortest possible amount of time, without it affecting my work. I am following the rules sent out by The Norwegian Supporters Union, you can read them here. I am planning to document it all, so if you’re planning to travel to a game in England (Midlands) soon, I would love to get in touch! My mail is:

My first game was Leicester v Sheffield Wednesday at King Power Stadium today which ended 2-1. You’ll hear more about it later if you follow me! And I’ve put up some pictures on Instagram already, so….

If you want to follow me “live”, you can follow me on my new Instagram-account here.


Photo: Screenshot, Google.

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