about: chess

i wouldn’t say i’m good at chess, or that i play it very often. i do have it on my phone and play when it when i have time. i follow the tournaments when i can, luckily i work with sports (chess is a sport!) so i tend to be up to date. i almost got a job as a chess instructor once, but that is different story. but, what i would like to focus on is why i like chess and why i follow it.

it started a few years ago, me and some friends played chess at chess.com. we played mostly for fun, but i realized chess is quite a big sport in quite a few countries, so i started to do a bit of research, i of course fell immediately for magnus carlsen. not because i think he is extremely handsome, but because i really envied his talent for chess. i also love his modesty is this interview when he eighteen: (he still has that modesty, which is really good)

but the main reason i wanted to write this post, is that i discovered this and i am TOO excited:

so some reasons why i follow chess:
– two games are never ever alike!
– as a chess player you develop over time and it is fun to see your ranking go up (or down).
– you can play short games or long games all dependent on how much time you have on your hands.
– learning more about weird chess players, like bobby fischer and aron nimzowitsch.
– i already gave you the best reason, magnus carlsen.


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