wishlist for my birthday

soon i am going to be one year older. i definitely don’t feel one year wiser. but a lot has happened this last year. one new thing is that i moved to a new country! but since my birthday is getting closer. i thought i would share with you 5 wishes for my birthday.

1. since i’ve always been more fond of menswear, i wish for this sweater from frankie morello:

2. i wish for a micro pig.

3. since i once day wish to move to edinburgh, because it is the city of my dreams, i wish for a mews to live in:

4. after a night of long conversations about the double doubles, fries made while you watch, secret menus and how special you feel when you stand there with a number in your hand, waiting for that meal made just for you. all i wish for right now, is a meal from in n’ out burger.

5. i’ve been really fond of the munch-drawings by steffen kverneland for a long time, and i have the first book, but i want the whole series in one. he draws with such emotion and makes me fall in love with edvard munch and the kristiania bohème all over again. this is a book i am longing to read over and over again.

what are your birthday wishes?


3 thoughts on “wishlist for my birthday

  1. For en festlig genser! Jeg har aldri vært i Edinburgh, men jeg hadde heller ikke hatt noe imot å bo der, særlig ikke i et sånt kjempesjarmerende hus. Håper du får masse fint til bursdagen din!

  2. Så fine ønsker! Spesielt den genseren, herlighet. Jeg har fødselsdag i april, og da ønsker jeg meg en interrailbillett, så jeg kan togluffe rundt i Europa i sommer :) Tusen takk for kommentar på bloggen min! Håper du får en bra bursdag og at ønskene dine blir oppfylt.

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