about: english films

after i moved to lovely stoke-on-trent, i’ve been finding it interesting to watch films about northern england, or at least films where they have accents which are related to cities nearby. the accents round here are sometimes really hard to understand, and watching films makes it more fun to learn.

i’ve found some favourites, they’re not really new, but you might find one you haven’t seen and then be fascinated by english films all over again:

billy elliot;
this is a film you can never get enough of, even if you’ve seen it a thousand times, jamie bell will still break your heart over and over again:

this movie is about ian curtis, the singer of joy division, which i find fascinating, because of his way of thinking, his epilepsy & his rapid life:

driving lessons;
this film has my two loves, rupert grint and edinburgh (yes, i know that it is not in england), so therefore i just had to add it, cause most of the action is in england:

the be all and end all;
i first discovered the film at kristiansands childrens filmfestival, when i worked as a introducer of films, it just has the brilliant liverpool accent and a fatal plot:

withnail and i;
a black comedy about unexpected events which happen when two actors go on a holiday. i’m also adding this, cause of the amazing richard griffiths:

what is your favourite english film?


ps: i would also like to say thank you to the amazing ola, for drawing me a profile picture for my page. check out his wonderful work!

travel: oslo

still i am not sure if i really like oslo. i’ve lived there for three years, and i have quite the ambivalent relationship to norway’s capitol. it is either too small or just too filled up with people unlike me. oslo has a lot of nice places, like telthusbakken and rodeløkka. i must say i fancy by:larm and øyafestivalen, but living there all year around is just not for me.  but i love watching films from oslo, and this is a scene from one of my favourite ones:

yesterday i came back from what was my first trip to oslo since i moved away from it all.

i can describe it in five words:

i will recommend you five things to see while in oslo:
– oslo town hall: go inside, it is free and it looks great.
– edvards coffebar: they have the best coffee and brown cheese-sandwiches in town.
– united bakeries: you’ll get free butter and jam if you buy rolls there.
– buy your own beer: sit in any park and drink it, for example frognerparken (this works best in the summer).
– josefine: it’s got everything; music, comedy, alcohol and food.

oslo has a lot of things to do for tourists, and those are my favourites since i don’t live there anymore.  i had a great weekend visiting my friends.  i was on even on national radio, on the show ruben at p3.

have you ever been to oslo? do you like it? why, why not?


about: chess

i wouldn’t say i’m good at chess, or that i play it very often. i do have it on my phone and play when it when i have time. i follow the tournaments when i can, luckily i work with sports (chess is a sport!) so i tend to be up to date. i almost got a job as a chess instructor once, but that is different story. but, what i would like to focus on is why i like chess and why i follow it.

it started a few years ago, me and some friends played chess at chess.com. we played mostly for fun, but i realized chess is quite a big sport in quite a few countries, so i started to do a bit of research, i of course fell immediately for magnus carlsen. not because i think he is extremely handsome, but because i really envied his talent for chess. i also love his modesty is this interview when he eighteen: (he still has that modesty, which is really good)

but the main reason i wanted to write this post, is that i discovered this and i am TOO excited:

so some reasons why i follow chess:
– two games are never ever alike!
– as a chess player you develop over time and it is fun to see your ranking go up (or down).
– you can play short games or long games all dependent on how much time you have on your hands.
– learning more about weird chess players, like bobby fischer and aron nimzowitsch.
– i already gave you the best reason, magnus carlsen.


about: JH engström

as a photographer you’ll have to find inspiration in other artists. i tend to find it in musicians and photography. i will now introduce you to one of my favourite photographers, the swedish JH engström.

i will give you five reasons he inspires me:

1. he is too personal when it comes to his pictures. which i find interesting, because not too many photographers want to be as personal as JH engström is. (sadly i couldn’t find my favourite picture example of being too personal, so i am posting another favourite of mine instead):


2. he uses himself as a model:


3. his still-lifes make me want to travel to where the photo was taken:


4. his use of colours are mainly what i love the most:
ENGSTROM2, sans titre de la série tout va bien

5. and of course his choice of motifs are sometimes really disgusting (i am not talking about this one, but if you do a google search, you will know what i mean), but i just love what he takes pictures of, i feel ambivalent looking at some of the pictures, but i mostly feel like i want to explore this career more:


so if you like JH engström i would recommend you to take a look at his trying to dance portfolio from 2004. if you’re lucky enough to have the money to buy one, i envy you. cause i definitely have not.

what artist inspires you most nowadays and why?


wishlist for my birthday

soon i am going to be one year older. i definitely don’t feel one year wiser. but a lot has happened this last year. one new thing is that i moved to a new country! but since my birthday is getting closer. i thought i would share with you 5 wishes for my birthday.

1. since i’ve always been more fond of menswear, i wish for this sweater from frankie morello:

2. i wish for a micro pig.

3. since i once day wish to move to edinburgh, because it is the city of my dreams, i wish for a mews to live in:

4. after a night of long conversations about the double doubles, fries made while you watch, secret menus and how special you feel when you stand there with a number in your hand, waiting for that meal made just for you. all i wish for right now, is a meal from in n’ out burger.

5. i’ve been really fond of the munch-drawings by steffen kverneland for a long time, and i have the first book, but i want the whole series in one. he draws with such emotion and makes me fall in love with edvard munch and the kristiania bohème all over again. this is a book i am longing to read over and over again.

what are your birthday wishes?