i live in england. and i buy a lot of books from norway. i get gifted books and i buy them at my local charity shops. i read them and then i do nothing about them. they just pile up. so this year i was thinking that i was going to do a book-away. i have already started, by re-gifting books that suit my friends and family. i think it is a great idea.

the rules are simple:
– whenever i buy a book i have to give it away when i’ve read it.
– leave a comment with your e-mail adress if you would like to enter this book-away.
– if you’ve won the book-away, i’ll send you an e-mail a week after the post has been posted on my website to confirm your address.
– you’ll receive the book i’ve read in the shape/form that i bought it and used it.

this makes my life more simple, i can do a good deed and people can get to read more books for free.

Skjermbilde 2014-01-26 kl. 22.54.46

so the first book i will be giving away in this book-away is the book: we need to talk about kevin. i’ve just started reading this and i think this is an absolutely fantastic book in terms of mother/son relationships. so if you would like to win this book, pop me a comment with your favourite book of 2013.


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